Jade Taylor Market.

A boutique gifting studio with carefully curated and custom wedding gifts

Jade Taylor Market Founder Jade Schantzen


Giving someone the perfect gift makes all the difference. Hi, I'm Jade Schantzen the Founder of Jade Taylor Market and this is the story of how Jade Taylor Market came to be. Shortly after becoming engaged, I couldn’t wait to ask my bridesmaids to be part of my special day. Who’d have thought my search for the perfect gifts would turn into this?

When I decided to create custom gift boxes for each of my bridesmaids, I fell in love with the rush and joy of putting together something special and watching my loved ones gleam upon receiving it and wanted to bring these custom gift boxes to as many people as possible. Voila, the rest is history!

Jade Taylor Market supports small businesses by sourcing directly from them! We love to feature creative business owners in our gift boxes. After all, when you support small businesses you’re supporting a dream.